Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation, Novi Sad
Association for History, Co-operation and Reconciliation, Golubić

The Eleventh Scholar Meeting in Golubic Obrovacki (Croatia)
“Serbo- Croat Relations
Remembrance culture and Narratives 1918-2018”

The Meeting will be held from August 19 to 23. 2018. Topic of this year Meeting will be a Hundred Years of Serbo-Croat Political Relations. In accordance with that, participants will have a task to make research and write articles about Remembrance culture and Narratives during hundred years long period of Serbo-Croat Relations.

From 1918 to 1991 Croatia and Serbia were part of Yugoslavia except during the World War Two. The period from 1991 to 1995 is marked as the Croatian War of Independance. After the end of the War, two countries established diplomatic relations. Even beside that, these two nations still have tension which were mostly appeared with nation- building process in the mid 19th century. In both countries rants against the neighbor have become a tried and true political tactic to secure the votes of the nationalist portion of the electorate. In this process, the Remembrance culture and narratives played a certain role. In accordance with that, we would like to discuss about a hundred years of Serbo-Croat relations and the role of The Remembrance culture and Narratives in this complex political process. We are seeking to find how did politics and society provoke an ethnic groups to keep parts of the past in their consciousness and thus deliberately make it present. The central theme is collective and subjective perceptions of historical connections to the past as part of public and private Remembrance same as how did collective perceptions shape subjective ones.
All those who are interested to participate on the Meeting are pleased to send the abstracts of their works by June 5th. Announcement about selected participants will be send by June 10th.
Selected participants have to write articles in BSC or English (max.16 pages, 12 pt TNR, Line spacing 1.5, footnotes, summary and key words in English) and send it on
Artciles have to be submited till August 10. 2018.
All participants will have free accomodation fees.
Participants have to cover travel costs by their own.

Darko Gavrilovic, PhD.
Director of Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation