Jovana Mastilović / Project manager

Jovana Mastilovic is working with the CHDR and cooperating with other organizations in the region. Jovana graduated from the Master of Arts Program at the University of Bologna, specializing in Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe where she was awarded a grant to present her paper at Columbia University in New York. In addition, Jovana is currently working to contribute to changes in public policy which govern the exercise of rights of ethno-cultural minorities and establish and strengthen integrative social relationships as well as broader human rights.



Danijela Marčeta / Project manager

staf_danijelamarcetaDanijela Marčeta works as a teaching assistant at the University Business Academy in Novi Sad. She currently teaches International Relations, while working on a master’s thesis on the topic “Comparative analysis of the ethnic separatism in Catalonia and the Basque Country”. Danijela is a student at the nultidisciplinary master program “Terrorism, organized crime and security” at the University of Belgrade. Her research interests include citizen security, ethnic and religious violence, counter-terrorism policies and transnational organized crime.


Svetlana Lukovic / Liaison

Svetlana Lukovic - LiaisonSvetlana Lukovic is working with the CHDR and the various government departments and political parties. 

Svetlana graduated from the Master of Sciences Program at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (University of Belgrade). In addition, Svetlana is currently served as a liaison between the different ethnic groups, political parties and non govermental organizations.