Center for History
and reconciliation

CHDR is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-partisan organization

The main goal of the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation (CHDR)

is the implementation and improvement of the policy of regional stability and reconciliation

Our organization was founded in order to contribute to the creation of a positive climate that should contribute to the democratization of the region.

Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation

focuses on the following topics:

Refugees and migrants

The culture of memory

The Holocaust and anti-Semitism

Interpretations of contemporary history - a path to understanding the present

Protection and sustainable development of national minorities

Serbian-Croatian relations


It achieves this through the following activities:

The latest:

Online panel: Symbols, conflicts and identities

Darko Gavrilović, president of the Board of Directors of the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation, was recently one of the speakers on the panel entitled “Symbols, conflicts and identities”. The panel explores the roles and functions of hate speech and controversial symbols in (post)conflict societies.

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Declaration on cooperation between Serbs from Croatia and Croats from Serbia

Statement for the media on the occasion of the signing of the Declaration on the Cooperation of Serbs from Croatia and Croats from Serbia, in Zagreb on the 6th. January 2023 year, which was initially initialed with the end
last August (2022), at the traditional international gathering in Golubić near Obrovac, Croatia, organized by the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation.

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