Heroization and political myths in political relations between Serbia and Croatia – Golubić 2022

The 15th international scientific meeting in Golubić (Croatia) was held in the period from 25 until the 28th August 2022 years. The organizer of the meeting is the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation from Novi Sad with the support of the Association for History, Cooperation and Reconciliation from Obrovac.

"Serbian-Croatian relations"

In the period of 25 until the 28th August 2022 15th traditional meeting ” Serbian-Croatian relations” was held in Golubić (Obrovac). As in previous years, the meeting was organized by CHDR with the support of AHCR – Association for History, Cooperation and Reconciliation.

Scientists from: Serbia, Croatia, Italy and Ireland participated in the meeting.

The scientists’ work was divided into two sessions.

The first session had the topic “Heroization and political myths in political relations related to Serbs and Croats”. The second session dealt with the topic “Development of touristic and agricultural potentials of northern Dalmatia with an emphasis on the local and returning population”.

"Heroization and political myths in political relations related to Serbs and Croats"

In the first session, gathered scientists from Croatia, Serbia, Italy and Ireland discussed the perniciousness of political myths and the process of heroization for the policy of regional stability and reconciliation .

Scientists believe that this primarily refers to those myths and processes of heroization that are reflected in past wars. They could, under the given circumstances, come to the surface in some new conflicts.

The gathered scientists concluded that heroization and political myths in political relations related to Serbs and Croats are an indispensable part of ideologies and therefore of the ideologies of the masses.

Political fueling of myths and glorification of war criminals does not contribute to the establishment of better relations. On the contrary, the already bad relations between Croatia and Serbia are straining.

Despite the existence of the mentioned two processes in the political relations between Serbia and Croatia, the scientists concluded that the daily relations between the citizens of the two countries are far better than the relations between the leading political structures of Serbia and Croatia.

"Development of the tourist and agricultural potential of northern Dalmatia with an emphasis on the local and returning population"

Scientists gathered in the second session concluded that for the Serbian community in Croatia and the Croatian community in Serbia, tourism is an important aspect of their sustainable survival. It is necessary to establish the synergy of agriculture and tourism in the rural areas inhabited by the mentioned two communities.

In the future, it would be desirable to encourage those projects that would have the goal of achieving greater understanding and cooperation between the two communities in terms of a better mutual approach to European funds.

Based on the papers received, scientists from the second session believe that it is necessary to turn to the catering potential of small suppliers. They emphasized the importance of slow food tourism and domestic products with nurturing regional culinary specialties as opposed to mass food in large hotel chains.

In contrast to the mass tourism potential of large hotel chains, work should be done to raise interest in not so widespread, but very attractive, types of active vacations in nature, such as glamping (luxury, glamorous camping).

Such a performance could enable the mutual strengthening of agriculture and production on smaller estates in northern Dalmatia.

At the same time, a new type of tourism (glamping) would be launched, which is more suitable for the geographical conditions of that part of Croatia.

During the meeting , the Declaration on cooperation between Serbs from Croatia and Croats from Serbia was initialed , signed by Tomislav Žigmanov , president of the Democratic Union of Croats of Vojvodina, and Milorad Pupovac , president of the Independent Democratic Serbian Party in Croatia.

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