Art colony – Open air gallery

24. 08. 2015. in Golubić (Obrovac), Republic of Croatia, organized by the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation, the "Outdoor Gallery" art colony was organized

"Open air gallery" in Golubić

The “Outdoor Gallery” project is a workshop for visual and visual artists, the goal of which is to leave traces in space at different locations.

The art colony was organized in order to approach the policy of regional stability and reconciliation in the midst of Serbian-Croatian relations in another way.

The idea of ​​the project stems from the research conducted by Nikola Matsura in the field of artistic, sculptural practice, and relates to the relationship between art, society, politics and economy.

This workshop was organized in the village of Golubić in Croatia. It was held as part of the scientific meeting “Serbian-Croatian political relations in the 20th century”.

Artists of different poetics and attitudes are invited to leave traces in the rural exterior with their works. In their own way, the artists intervened in the space by setting up installations, sculptures and murals. The works are placed in different locations. The maps are marked so that visitors can find works by specific authors and follow the whole exhibition.

The goal of the project is for as many artists from Croatia, Serbia and other countries of the region to pass through this workshop. It will increase the fund of works in this way.

The selector and coordinator of the project is Nikola Matsura. The artists who participated in this workshop are Dario Smetiško, Mirjana Blagojev, Ana Shaub and Elizabeta Perić.

“Outdoor Gallery” is an innovative project that combines art and space in a unique way. The idea of ​​the project is to create a unique art installation that will be accessible to everyone.

This project represents an ideal opportunity for artists to express their creativity and leave a mark on the space with their works.

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