CHDR summer school “Nations and identities – aspects and perspectives”

The student expert meeting "Nations and Identities - Aspects and Perspectives" was held 18. and March 19, 2013. organized by the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation.

"Nations and identities – aspects and perspectives"

A student expert meeting entitled “Nations and Identities – Aspects and Perspectives” was held as part of the CHDR summer school project. 18. and March 19, 2013. at the History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka. The gathering was organized by the Center for the History of Democracy and Reconciliation (CHDR). Support for the organization was provided by: Faculty of Philosophy in Banja Luka , Association of History Students “Dr. Milan Vasić” , Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Novi Sad and Faculty of European Legal and Political Studies in Novi Sad .

At the opening of the meeting, a lecture was given by Dr. Hava Baruch from the Yad Vashem Institute in Jerusalem . The topic of the lecture was “Everyday life in the ghetto.” The meeting attracted a lot of attention from students and the media. This showed the need for intensifying the professional cooperation of students from the region.

Due to the great interest and the need for cooperation, the organizers decided that similar gatherings will be held twice a year. The next meeting will be held at the end of October 2013. in Novi Sad.

This gathering provided an opportunity for students to learn about different aspects of nations and identities. Also to exchange ideas and experiences with their colleagues from the region. Lecture by Dr. Hava Baruch provided an insight into the life and problems of the people who lived in the ghettos during World War II.

We hope that these gatherings will continue to take place and that students will have the opportunity to meet new ideas and perspectives, as well as to expand their network of colleagues and friends.

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