“Holocaust in Southeast Europe”

CHDR members attended the regional conference called "Holocaust in Southeast Europe", which was held 25. and May 26, 2015. in Bucharest.

The Holocaust in Southeast Europe: An Interdisciplinary Regional Conference

25. and May 26, 2015. In Bucharest, the Elie Wiesel National Institute for Holocaust Studies in Romania and the United States Holocaust Museum ” Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies ” organized an interdisciplinary regional conference on ” The Holocaust in Southeast Europe “.

The goal of this event was to encourage discussion and debate about current Holocaust research.

The idea is to support interdisciplinary and transnational cooperation among scientists dealing with this topic in the region.

The conference highlighted new research in a variety of areas, including crimes, mass killing, mass cemeteries, radicalization of local politics during the Nazi occupation, forced and slave labor, dynamics of complicity and cooperation, everyday life at the front and under occupation, looting, theft and expropriation, refugees and displaced persons, less researched victims, gender, cultural politics of representation and commemoration, contemporary Holocaust revisionism and negation, as well as communities and identities formed around the experience of war and genocide.

This conference provided an important opportunity for researchers and experts to gather and exchange their knowledge and experiences. In this way, a broader and deeper insight into the Holocaust in Southeast Europe would be developed.

The conference showed the significance and importance of research and understanding of the Holocaust, both in Southeast Europe and around the world.

She also emphasized the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinarity in researching these difficult topics.

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