Conference: “Wild Europe”

CHDR members attended the "Wild Europe: From August, 1914 to the Shoah" Conference, which was held in Thessaloniki (Greece), from 12 until 14 June 2014 years.

International Scientific Meeting "The Historical Period 1914-1945 in a European Perspective"

Thessaloniki, Greece

The School of Political Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki , Greece, in cooperation with other institutions, organized the “Wild Europe” conference from 12 until 14 June 2014 years.

Prof. Dr. Darko Gavrilović , in front of the Center for History, Democracy and Reconciliation, was one of the speakers at this conference.

The aim of the “Wild Europe” conference was to examine specific topics in the historical period 1914-1945 in the broader context of European history.

An additional goal was to acquaint Greek historians and scientific researchers, as well as experts from other countries, with current historical issues and research related to this important period.

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